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FAQ about our FREE APP

1.Does it cost me anything to download or use once I have it?

No our app is free to download and there are no costs involved.

2. What information do I need to book a cab.

To book a cab you must set up a profile. This ensures we have your details if the driver needs to request a callback or if he needs your name.You will need to fill in the details on the detailed booking screen, such as where from, time required and destination, you can also request a vehicle that will carry a dog or one that is able to pick up inside the dockyard where a special security pass is required.

3 I cant select my home address?

If you hover over the map and your home address is not coming up with the right name/number then you can press on the address that is shown in the from panel at the bottom of the screen, change the number/name to your address and press OK to complete your booking.

4 How do I set my home address to be a default pick up?

You can set your address to be a default pick up or destination by going to the settings page and selecting manage favourites, you then scroll through your recently used addresses. Once you find the one you want simply press on the address and select " set default from address"

5 How do I know my booking was accepted?

Once you have pressed book from the booking screen you will be presented with a booking job number. Alternatively if you select "bookings" from the bottom of the screen you will be able to view all your bookings and the current status of that booking.

6 How do I know where my car is?

You have the option to track your car once it has been despatched.From the bookings screen press on your job and use the "track" option, this opens a map screen which shows you where your car is, it also gives you the details of the car so you can safely approach the correct vehicle upon its arrival.

7 How do I make a return booking/

Go into the bookings screen and press on the journey that you would like reverse, and an option will appear "reverse journey".Pressing this option reverses the journey details and you then just put in the time required and press book journey.

8 How do I cancel a job that I don't wont?

If you need to cancel, please give as much notice as possible as once the car has been despatched they are entitled to request a cancellation fee. To cancel a job go into the bookings screen , press on the job you have booked and press the option to cancel the job.

9 What do I do if my cab is late?

Check your vehicle status, if despatched use the track button to see its location, if it is not despatched or you cannot see it on the map, contact the office through the "contact us" button that can be found on the info page.

10 Why cant I make a booking?

Possibly our booking limit for that particular time has been filled, or the internet connection to the system is unable to communicate with our system due to a bad mobile signal, or you may be outside of our designated pick area and we require more details, in all cases use the contact us button and we will be able to give you more information.